Britain is a solidly Christian nation with a long and glorious Christian heritage.

Our national flags are all Christian crosses.

Our country is dotted by beautiful Christian churches.

Our political and legal system was born out of the framework of laws and morals contained in the Holy Bible.

Our Monarch is the head of our national church and is ‘defender of the faith’.

Almost all of our great national heroes had a strong Christian faith, such as Alfred the Great, Elizabeth I, Oliver Cromwell, the Duke of Wellington, Admiral Nelson and Winston Churchill.

Our calendar is punctuated by Christian holidays that are enjoyed by all, including Easter and Christmas, and also our national saint days, such as St. George’s Day.

Our schools still host nativity plays and used to hold daily Christian assemblies during which our young folk sang Christian hymns.

Religious education in our school system used to focus exclusively on Christianity and must do so again.

Stories such as Noah’s Ark, the Exodus, Saint George slaying the dragon and the story of our Lord Jesus Christ used to be taught in primary schools.

All of our instantly recognisable national anthems are Christian, including God Save the Queen, Land of Hope and Glory, I Vow To Thee My Country, Jerusalem and Rule Britannia.

Christianity has existed as the dominant religion in Britain for over 1400 years and despite many threats to its existence, it continues to provide the primary source of spiritual succour for most people in this country, with 53.6% of the population claiming to be Christian during a 2018 survey.

Only 6.2% of people in the same survey claimed membership of a different religion, while the balance of 40.2% were non-religious.

It is no coincidence that the decline in the numbers of people claiming to be Christian – from over 80% of the British population in the 1950s down to just over 53% today – corresponds very closely with a decline in traditional British family values, morals and ethics over the same period.

Also, at a time when demographics suggest that the immigrant-origin population in this country is doubling every twelve to fifteen years, while the population of indigenous Britons is below replacement level, it is not difficult to predict that in a very short period of time – maybe less than two generations – that Christians will become a minority in Britain on the current demographic trajectory.

Although it may be currently fashionable in some circles to denigrate them, Christian traditions, values, morals and ethics have underpinned the development of Western civilisation for centuries, and Britain First believes that the only way that Britain may be saved from its current moral decline is by a resurgence of those Christian traditions, coupled with peaceful and practical steps to halt and reverse current demographic trends as described above.

Britain First recognises that the state should not be in the business of forcing people to go to church – the separation of church and state is an important principle in a democratic society – but much more could be done to encourage and promote traditional Christian values, morals and ethics at every level, including financial incentives for citizens to have more children and for priority to be given to policies and laws that halt or reverse the decline we can see in our society.

In addition, more emphasis should be given to the importance of a traditional Christian upbringing for children throughout our educational system.

Unless we resurrect Christianity as the central foundation of our national life, we will continue to sink and degenerate as a society and sooner or later the decline will be irreversible.

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