These are the official policies of Britain First. They are subject to change by our Annual Conference. During the ongoing Covid crisis, they are also being decided by direct membership email votes.


– Deport all illegal immigrants.

– Deport all foreign criminals.

– Completely halt any further immigration except in special cases such as genuine marriages where strict citizenship criteria has been met.

– Reject and deport all 'asylum seekers' who do not originate from countries bordering the United Kingdom.

– Make it an act of treason to implement any policy or measure, or sign any agreement, that facilitates and / or results in significant numbers of foreigners entering the sovereign territory of the United Kingdom with the aim of settling.

– Britain First will establish a system of voluntary repatriation whereby immigrants, or citizens of overseas origin, will be assisted financially to return to their country of origin, or a new country of their choice. This system will be entirely voluntary and will be funded by the scrapping of the foreign aid budget. (01-10-20)


– Abolish the hated 'Human Rights Act' which is being widely abused and which was forced on the UK by the EU.

– Implement an American style 'Bill of Rights' guaranteeing freedom of speech, assembly and expression. No exceptions.

– Give England its own national parliament to create parity of esteem within the UK.

– Withdraw from the European Union and create a new trade agreement.

– Introduce a 'Treason & Sedition Bill' that prohibits British citizens from entering into any agreement that infringes upon the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, such as the transfer of sovereignty to any foreign institutions.

– Increase the penalties for corruption for those in public office and widen the scope for prosecution for those who benefit post-office from decisions while incumbent.

– Abolition of the corrupt system of parliamentary expenses.

– The extension of the Bill of Rights to apply to the unborn child.

– Introduce direct democratic election for the post of Prime Minister, so the Prime Minister is directly accountable to the people and not simply the choice of the largest parliamentary political party. This will provide greater control, accountability and transparency for the British electorate. (21-12-20)


– Make Saint George's Day and Saint David's day a public holiday respectively in England and Wales and make it law that local authorities promote these holidays to their fullest extent, including public displays of flags, culture and history. (21-11-20)


– Introduce a ban on the use of religious ritual slaughter.

– Introduce a ban on religious courts.

– Introduce a ban on the use of religious face coverings in public.

– Close down religious institutions caught preaching extremist concepts, such as slavery and hostility towards non-believers.

– Implement closer inspections of religious institutions connected to terrorism or extremism.


– Take firm action to combat excessive NHS bureaucracy and replace 'managers' and pen-pushers with front line doctors, nurses and dentists.

– End the scandal of foreign health tourism which drains our NHS.

– Recruit, train and pay British doctors, nurses and dentists instead of looting the Third World of these skilled workers.

– Implement a national scheme to promote healthy ways of living to tackle the root causes of our poor health as a nation.

– Introduce an 'NHS Protection Bill' that prohibits the privatisation of any part of the National Health Service and guarantees public ownership.

– Introduce a ban on abortion like that in place in Northern Ireland to prevent the deaths of millions of British children.


– We will implement a 'back to basics' scheme in education focusing on discipline and traditional teaching methods (e.g maths, English and technical skills).

– Reintroduce grammar schools.

– Reintroduce competitive sports.

– Reintroduce Christian assemblies.

– Reintroduce the teaching of British history throughout all levels of education.

– Abolish tuition fees for students who achieve high grades.

– Introduce a greater focus on real trades and skills as demanded by a modern, technological manufacturing economy and the removal of state indulgence in phoney 'social' education subjects.

– Replace the present 'multi faith' religious education curriculum with a new approach that focuses predominantly on Christianity.

– Greater influence of the Armed Forces in the education system, including day trips, training events and careers advise.

– Prohibit the teaching of left-wing ideological doctrines which are harmful to children and young folk. These include multiculturalism, modern feminism, gender fluidity and identity, white privilege and critical race theory. (26-03-21)


– Massive state support, funding and training for new business and industries.

– The protection of British companies from unfair foreign imports in certain areas where competition is not on an equal footing.

– Financial penalties on businesses that outsource their operations to foreign countries.

– A deep and meaningful campaign of tax cuts across the board to encourage and stimulate economic growth.

– The removal of 'stealth taxes', VAT and a whole raft of other taxes which drain the pockets of the British workforce.

– Prohibit the sale of domestic companies to foreign entities.

– Initiate a clamp down on the negative speculation of the banks and introduce a national 'Bank of Britain' to fund British economic growth with the use of generous grants.

– Transfer the sovereign power to create money away from the privately owned Bank of England to a new national 'Bank of Britain' which shall be controlled by the UK government.

– Greater punishments for misconduct within the banking and financial sector, especially when it impacts on the economy.

– The prohibition on any further bail-outs for the banking system.


– Introduce a 'Democracy & Freedom Bill' that makes it a criminal offence (that carries a prison sentence) to refuse services to constituted political parties and their office holders.

– Employ greater use of binding referendums to implement the will of the people in important matters of sovereignty.

– Outlaw practises such as postal and proxy voting which are facilitating corruption and fraud in our democratic system.

– Replace the unfair system of 'first past the post' with proportional representation.


– Scrap the entire 'foreign aid' budget.

– Scrap all expenditure relating to immigration, such as translation costs, benefits etc.

– Halt all further payments to the European Union.

– Severely curtail spending on the 'national debt' which has been built up by decades of government over-spending.

– Balance the national deficit in a decisive and effective manner.


– Introduce a strict and meaningful system of citizenship.

– Make all state benefits, housing and assistance available only to British citizens.

– Retain and expand the 'right to buy' scheme for social tenants.

– Stamp out the national scandal of upwards of 15,000 pensioners freezing to death each winter.

– Take decisive and effective action to severely reduce welfare spending and dependency.

– Make benefits and entitlements only available to those who genuinely need it.

– Implementation of a genuine 'workfare' scheme whereby work is needed in return for benefits.

– Decisive action to eradicate the scourge of homelessness that is blighting our country.

– Greater promotion of youth organisations to alleviate the scourge of anti-social behaviour on our streets.

– Greater promotion of Church groups and organisations within our communities to promote Christianity and community cohesion.

– Ban the production, sale or streaming of pornography. This will include pornography sites such as Only Fans. Pornography promotes unhealthy and unrealistic sexual behaviours, degeneracy and promiscuity. It promotes the sexualisation of women and young girls. It destroys the moral fabric of civilised societies. (25-07-21)


– Britain and the wider Commonwealth should pursue its own defence and foreign policy.

– The re-focus of our foreign affairs away from European integration and back to our former Commonwealth sister nations.

– Britain should make its own trade deals with nations around the world.

– Withdraw from the United Nations which is being used by vested interests to undermine the Western world.

– Replace the obsolete NATO alliance with a new defence arrangement that comprises nations of the West with the aim of protecting our joint interests around the world.


– Implement a radical reversal of the legal and policing focus on the 'rights' of criminals and its replacement with the traditional focus on putting the victims of crime first.

– Greater use of National Service for habitual offenders.

– The restoration of Capital Punishment for paedophiles, terrorists and murderers.

– Make prisons a place of hard labour rather than cosy holiday camps.

– Introduce the use of 'chain gangs' to provide labour for national public works.

– Free the police from politically correct restrictions and unnecessary bureaucracy.

– Implement new laws guaranteeing citizens the right to protect their own homes.

– A major clamp down on street grooming gangs which operate across the UK.

– Introduce castration for convicted rapists and repeat sexual offenders.

– Reintroduce firearms for law enforcement and border agencies.

– Any person found to be performing illegal abortions to be charged with the crime of murder.


– Introduce new rules during election periods that guarantee equal and fair coverage to all candidates, not just a select few.

– Introduce new rules that guarantee that retractions and corrections are published with the same dimensions, space and prominence as the original false claims.

– Introduce a new system whereby if a journalist is found to be deliberately and conscientiously fabricating content, they will receive a lifetime ban from working in the media professions.

– Introduce a ban on foreign ownership of UK media institutions and companies.

– Make it a criminal offence, with a guaranteed prison sentence, for workers of the media who knowingly publish or produce false and/or fabricated reports.

– Abolish the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and scrap the hated Licence Fee. British citizens should not be forced to pay for left-wing propaganda. (03-02-21)


– Ring fence spending on the Armed Forces and reverse recent spending cuts.

– Rebuild and enlarge the Royal Navy.

– Bring back National Service and make it compulsory for 1 year for all citizens upon the completion of education.

– Bring back and secure the historic county regiment system.

– Invest heavily in new technologies and weapon systems to give the UK the edge in defence industries.

– Halt the sale of any military hardware to countries outside of the Commonwealth, North America and Europe.

– Britain First will pass laws prohibiting any historical prosecutions of Armed Forces veterans, including those who served in Northern Ireland during the Troubles. These laws will guarantee immunity from prosecution in all cases, whether government instigated or privately litigated. These laws will also include retroactive punishments for legal practices that have targeted British service personnel. (26-10-20)