Happy Saint George's Day - The story of Saint George

Saint George is the patron saint of England and his memorial is celebrated on 23 April each year.

Almost everyone is aware of the myth of Saint George who slays a dragon and saves the princess, but few are aware of the real history behind this remarkable man.

Saint George was born to a Greek Christian noble family during the late 3rd Century somewhere around 275-285 AD in Cappadocia.

George was raised by his father, who was an important Roman army official, according to Christian values.

After his parents died George travelled to the imperial Roman city of Nikomedeia, where he presented himself to the Roman Emperor Diocletian in order to become an officer in the Emperor’s Pretorian Guard.

Diocletian welcomed young George, as he knew his father who was also in the Roman military, and was pleased to have his son also.

At this time in the Roman Empire, Christianity was still not tolerated.

In 302 AD, Diocletian ordered every Christian in the army to be arrested and a general persecution of Christianity throughout the empire.

George is said to have walked up to the Emperor and tore the edict to pieces before his very eyes and declared himself a Christian!

Diocletian tried his best to convert young George, even offering him slaves, money and land, but George kept his faith and would not convert.

Diocletian ordered his execution, and after being tortured in various ways, George was beheaded on April 23 303 AD.

His body was returned to Lydda (Lod) in what was then the Roman province of Judea for burial, where Christians soon flocked to honour him as a martyr to Christianity.

Countries that celebrate St George’s Day include England, Canada, Croatia, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, Georgia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Republic of Macedonia.

Britain First is a Unionist movement: This means that while we support, promote and love the individual national cultures and identities of England, Wales, Scotland and Ulster, we cherish the Union of our family of nations.

Today is a day of celebration of our English heritage, and for all Englishmen and women Britain First wishes you a merry day celebrating our beloved culture!

Today is a day where all Britons can feel pride because this is the worst day of the year for our leftwing, Islamic opponents who loath our national pride and heritage.

Saint George was a Christian martyr who stood firm against a powerful Roman Emperor and chose death instead of cowardly capitulation.

His story is inspirational and we should remember his sacrifice today and feel pride at adopting such a great man as our Patron Saint.

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