Britain First is a movement of patriotism, nationalism, conservatism and traditionalism.

We reject the false, misleading and outdated labels of ‘right-wing’ or ‘left-wing’.

These terms were invented to falsely categorise political beliefs.

Some of what Britain First advocates can be classified as ‘right-wing’, whereas other policies can be described as ‘left-wing’.

Traditionally, British politics has been characterised by the media as an interminable battle between the conservative ‘right’ and the socialist ‘left’.

The media then invented a mythical ‘centre ground’ where all political parties are expected to gravitate towards, lest they be demonised as ‘extreme’.

The ‘centre ground’ that the media consistently heaps praise upon, is not actually a neutral and pragmatic ‘moderate’ area of politics, but just another devious way of anchoring politics towards liberalism and socialism.

Today, political parties of the ‘centre ground’ all blindly and slavishly adhere to multiculturalism, political correctness, open borders immigration and the systematic suppression of British culture as ‘racist’.

These policies are all key components of the modern liberal-left.

Straying from the ‘centre ground’ in politics is a cardinal sin for the media and leads to relentless demonization and character assassination.

If a political organisation does not accept the core principles of liberalism and socialism, the media will ruthlessly condemn them as ‘extremist’.

By pushing these false and misleading narratives, the media creates the appearance of a battle between the moderate ‘centre ground’ (liberalism and socialism) and those who are deemed ‘extremists’, dangerous groups who are beyond the pale in a civilised democracy.

By utilising these methods of mind control, the media tricks the electorate to vote for the same liberal and socialist governments time and time again despite the existence of an almost universal repugnance at the present direction of the nation.

The old labels of ‘right-wing’ and ‘left-wing’ - and the more recent invention of the mythical ‘centre ground’ - are utterly repudiated by Britain First in all their forms.

Britain First is neither ‘right-wing’ nor ‘left-wing’, but simply patriotic, nationalist, conservative and traditionalist.

We fight for traditional moral values, for genuine representative democracy, for a patriotic revolution in national priorities and the promotion of our indigenous British history, culture, traditions and customs.

We despise corruption in politics, the relegation of British citizens to the back of the queue for housing and jobs, the neglect of our homeless veterans and Armed Forces and the transformation of our towns and cities by uncontrolled mass immigration.

We are revolted by the persistent appeasement of radical Islam and the toleration of tens of thousands of hate preachers, wannabe jihadists and Islamists walking our streets.

We stand firmly opposed to the encroaching Police State, where ordinary citizens, patriotic activists and political leaders are persecuted by Stasi-like police fascists and bullies, where non-PC opinions and comments are banned and censored on social media and where civil liberties are gradually eroded.

We desire a sovereign, democratic, constitutional government where elected officials implement the will of the people free from the suffocating terror of political correctness.

Britain First will implement a national revolution in priorities, where the state utilises all of its resources for the benefit of the British people only, the young, the elderly, veterans and families.

We will implement a return to traditional family values, with a focus on traditional marriage, procreation of children and the nurturing of a healthy moral framework throughout society that will replace the present tsunami of selfish liberal degeneracy and sexual promiscuity.

The ideology, outlook and policies of Britain First therefore cut across the old and discredited labels of ‘right-wing’ and ‘left-wing’.

These worn-out labels are no longer fit for purpose in the 21st Century.

If there is a battle to be fought in the modern political arena, it is between globalists (the liberal-left) and those who fight for nationalism.

This conflict is raging across the Western World and constitutes the true battle for the heart and soul of modern politics.

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