West Yorkshire Activists Leaflet Historic Saltaire, Bradford

Last Wednesday (7th November), activists of Britain First West Yorkshire branch braved wind and rain to deliver leaflets in Bradford.

We chose the suburb of Saltaire, because the map showed lots of terraced streets by the train station (terraces = minimum door to door distance = maximum leaflets!)

We didn't know much about the area, but were amazed by what we found there: it turns out Saltaire has a fascinating history and is a World Heritage Site!

Titus Salt.

Saltaire was built (and named after) Victorian industrialist and politician Sir Titus Salt who, in relocating his textile business from Bradford in 1851, was determined to provide good living conditions for workers at the new mill.

Salts Mill, by Leeds and Liverpool canal - the former textile mill
contains shops, workshops, restaurants, galleries and apartments.

He built rows of sturdy stone or brick houses, wash-houses with running water, a hospital, a village school, allotments, a park and a recreation/ education institute with a library, concert hall and gymnasium.

Salt's scheme was revolutionary at a time when most textile workers lived in dreadful urban slums.

Workers' cottages, Saltaire Village.

Today, when countless workers live hand-to-mouth on zero hours contracts, low-income families struggle to find decent, secure housing and many urban neighbourhoods are ruined by crime, Britain desperately needs leaders with the vision, patriotic conscience and can-do attitude of Sir Titus Salt.

Though he was a businessmen first and foremost, Salt was driven also by a Christian sense of duty and a real concern for the well-being of his fellow citizens.

How many of our current politicians and business leaders come even close?

If you live in West Yorkshire and would like to support Britain First, email [email protected]

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