VIDEO: Britain First reports from the new £2 million migrant processing centre at Dover!

The illegal immigrant invasion at Dover is spiralling out of control.

VIDEO: Britain First exposes a migrant hotel that cancelled a veterans event!

When the news broke that the Potters International Hotel in Aldershot, Hampshire, had cancelled a Falklands War 40-year anniversary event to take in illegal immigrants, Britain First was determined to expose the hotel.

VIDEO: Britain First holds flash demo outside migrant hotel in Folkestone!

Furious locals contacted Britain First about a migrant hotel in the heart of Folkestone, in Kent, so activists decided to visit the hotel and record a video report.

VIDEO: Britain First Battle Bus attracts huge support over busy motorway!

Britain First activists in the South east decided to try a new tactic with our "Lionheart" Battle Bus, by parking it on a bridge over the busy M25 during rush hour traffic.

VIDEO: Another uplifting speech by Paul Golding in Yorkshire!

At a meeting of local activists in Pontefract, Yorkshire, party leader Paul Golding gave another uplifting speech detailing the slow destruction of Britain.

VIDEO: Britain First powers ahead with local election campaign in South Wales!

The Britain First local election campaign is gathering pace in Rhondda Cynon Taff, in South Wales.

VIDEO: Party leader Paul Golding gives rousing speech to West Midlands activists!

At a meeting of West Midlands activists last night, party leader Paul Golding gave a speech that outlined the huge political vacuum that exists in this country for a patriotic, right-wing political party.

VIDEO: Short interview with the new Regional Organiser for Scotland

At the first Scottish day of action on Saturday, in the town of Falkirk, party leader Paul Golding recorded a short interview with the new Regional Organiser for Scotland, Callum Holmes.

VIDEO: Britain First holds first day of action in Scotland in the town of Falkirk!

Another milestone reached for our rapidly-growing patriotic party, as we have held our first day of action in Scotland, in the town of Falkirk.

VIDEO: Party leader Paul Golding gives his first speech of 2022 in Manchester!

At the first regional regional meeting of 2022, in Manchester, party leader Paul Golding gave a speech outlining the progress Britain First is currently making.

VIDEO: Britain First activists brave the cold weather to continue local election campaign!

Now that Christmas is out of the way, Britain First activists have again hit the streets to continue our campaign for the upcoming local elections.

VIDEO: Britain First is not a racist political party!

Britain First rejects racial hatred in all its forms, but this doesn't stop the fake news media and leftist politicians calling us "racist" continually.

VIDEO: Britain First holds roadside protest at Wigan hotel after migrant rapes local girl!

Following on from the protest directly outside the hotel in Standish, near Wigan - where an illegal immigrant raped a local girl - Britain First moved to the main road, where our banners attracted huge support from the passing motorists.

Paul Golding gives a rousing speech outside hotel where migrant who raped English girl lives!

When Britain First protested at the Britannia Hotel in Standish, Wigan, after a migrant raped a local girl, party leader Paul Golding gave a rousing speech to the assembled patriots.

VIDEO: Britain First protests at Wigan hotel after migrant rapes local girl!

A few months ago, Britain First protested several times at a Britannia Hotel in Standish, near Wigan, after the migrants living there at taxpayer expense were exposed harassing local schoolgirls.