VIDEO: Britain First exposes the Holiday Inn Northampton for housing migrants!

Britain First has exposed another taxpayer-funded hotel housing migrants, this time in Northampton.

VIDEO: Party leader Paul Golding discusses the horrific terror attack in Liverpool!

Reacting to the Islamist suicide bomb attack at Liverpool maternity hospital, party leader Paul Golding has released a video message which breaks down what happened and why.

REPORT: The Islamist Liverpool terror attack

Another day, another Islamist terror attack on our country.

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VIDEO: Police harass Britain First Battle Bus again!

While driving down the M1 motorway on Remembrance Sunday, the Britain First Battle Bus was subjected to another incident of police harassment.

VIDEO: Britain First remembers the fallen on Remembrance Sunday 2021

Every year, the Britain First Party pays its respects to our fallen on Remembrance Sunday.

VIDEO: Battle Bus campaigns in Leicester and receives great response from local Indian community!

The Britain First Battle Bus spent the afternoon campaigning in the city of Leicester, and, surprisingly, attracted a great response from the local Indian community.

VIDEO: Britain First exposes the Heston Hyde Hotel in London for housing migrants!

Acting on a tip off, a Britain First team headed for the four star Heston Hyde Hotel in London.

VIDEO: Britain First harassed again by the gestapo in Leicester

The police have been harassing our Battle Buses lately as they travel the country campaigning.

VIDEO: Paul Golding outlines the treachery of the Conservative Party

The modern day Conservative Party is a treacherous, woke, liberal organisation that has betrayed our country for over a century.

VIDEO: Britain First launches campaign for the Local Elections 2022

Britain First achieved a mighty victory over the Electoral Commission recently, but we are not resting on our laurels.

VIDEO: Britain First Battle Bus tour of South West Wales hits the city of Swansea!

On day two of our tour of South West Wales, the Battle Bus visited the city of Swansea, the second biggest city in Wales.

VIDEO: Day one of the Britain First Battle Bus tour of South West Wales!

The Britain First "Churchill" Battle Bus (green) embarked on a tour of South West Wales, starting by visiting town after town across Pembrokeshire.

VIDEO: Britain First harassed by the local Gestapo in Wales

While driving the Britain First Battle Bus around Pembrokeshire, in south west Wales, the local gestapo pounced and stopped our vehicle again for "checks".

White Privilege poison is still being taught in schools across the nation

Young British children are still being taught about "White Privilege" in the classroom despite the government warning them that it is "unlawful".

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It is white people who suffer systemic racism and discrimination

In our modern society, white people are second-class citizens.

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