WAKEFIELD: Paul Golding's post election analysis

Around nine months ago, I remember walking out of an appointment at my osteopaths in Manchester.


WAKEFIELD: A pre-election message from party leader Paul Golding

Dear patriots,

Tomorrow is polling day for the Wakefield parliamentary by-election.

VICTORY: Wakefield Police buckle under our legal pressure and agree to return the Battle Bus

Britain First has scored another resounding victory over Wakefield Police.

VIDEO: Campaigning concludes for the Wakefield by-election

The Britain first campaign for Thursday's parliamentary by-election in Wakefield has finally concluded after five weeks of hard work.

VIDEO: GB News discusses Britain First's court victory against Wakefield Police!

Once again, Britain First has been discussed on the popular news channel, GB News.

VIDEO: Watch Ashlea Simon's one-minute manifesto on the cost of living crisis!

As a candidate in the upcoming parliamentary by-election in Wakefield, the BBC asked our candidate, Ashlea Simon, to take part in a mini-series addressing the cost of living crisis.

VIDEO: Despite police persecution, Britain First holds final day of action in Wakefield!

Fresh from inflicting an embarrassing defeat on Wakefield Police in court yesterday, party leader Paul Golding - and candidate Ashlea Simon - led the final day of action for the upcoming parliamentary by-election that takes place this coming Thursday 23rd June.

VICTORY: Judge overturns Paul's bail condition preventing him from entering the town of Wakefield!

Only a few moments ago, Britain First won a stunning and resounding victory in Leeds Magistrates Court.

VIDEO: Britain First election placards start to go up around Wakefield!

As part of our campaign for the Wakefield parliamentary by-election, Britain First is allowed to fix A3 placards to lampposts across the constituency.

BREAKING: Paul Golding launches legal action against Wakefield Police

This morning, Paul's solicitors started legal action against Wakefield Police.

VIDEO: GB News mentions the arrest of Britain First leader Paul Golding for second time

GB News discussed the arrest of Paul Golding again last night.

VIDEO: Britain First returns to campaign in Wakefield in defiance of the corrupt police!

After the unbelievable and horrific events that took place on Saturday, a Britain First team of activists returned to Wakefield to campaign for the by-election which takes place next Thursday.

UPDATE: Important legal update on the arrest of Paul Golding

Since his arrest due to a fabricated "hate crime" allegation on Saturday, party leader Paul Golding has not been idle.

VIDEO: Arrest of Paul Golding and harassment of Britain First Wakefield campaign mentioned on GB News!

During the Mark Steyn show on GB News, the police sabotage of our Wakefield election campaign - and the arrest of Paul Golding - was outlined to the viewers.