A message from Britain First leader Paul Golding regarding his arrest on Saturday

This is a message from party leader Paul Golding in response to his arrest in Wakefield:

VIDEO: Paul Golding arrested for false 'racism' allegation while campaigning in Wakefield

While on their way to campaign in the Wakefield parliamentary by-election, Paul, Ashlea and a dozen activists were ambushed by the gestapo.

Huge delivery of 50,000 Wakefield by-election leaflets arrive at head office

50,000 full-colour A5 leaflets have just arrived at head office for the Wakefield parliamentary by-election campaign.

VIDEO: Britain First Battle Bus subjected to criminal damage in Wakefield!

During an afternoon session campaigning in Wakefield for the upcoming by-election, the Britain First Battle Bus (Lionheart) was attacked multiple times.

VIDEO: Britain First ambushed by Labour Party ZOMBIES in Wakefield!

While campaigning in Wakefield recently, the Battle Bus convoy was ambushed by a horde of flesh-eating Labour Party zombies.

VIDEO: Britain First exposes the Holiday Inn Leeds East for housing illegal migrants!

Acting on another tip-off, a Britain First team visited the Holiday Inn Express Leeds East which, as expected, was being used to house illegal migrants.

VIDEO: Britain First activists inundate Wakefield

Britain First creating quite a stir in Wakefield, far more than any other of the parties standing in the by-election.

VIDEO: Positive and negative responses to the Battle Buses in Wakefield

The Britain First Battle Bus fleet has been campaigning hard in Wakefield for weeks now.

PHOTOS: Wakefield this afternoon

A swarm of Britain First activists descended on Wakefield this afternoon.

VIDEO: Paul and Ashlea discuss the Wakefield by-election

In this video discussion, party leader Paul Golding and candidate Ashlea Simon dissect the Wakefield by-election.

VIDEO: Britain First honours frontline election activists

At the recent Spring Conference, party leader Paul Golding paid tribute to the relentless dedication of our frontline election activists.

VIDEO: Britain First harassed by police bullies in Wakefield!

During our campaign launch day of action in Wakefield, the entire fleet of Britain First Battle Buses were subjected to the usual harassment by the local gestapo.

VIDEO: Britain First launches parliamentary by-election campaign in Wakefield

Last Saturday, Britain First launched our parliamentary by-election campaign in Wakefield with a blitz on the town centre.