VIDEO: Distressing report from Dover harbour as illegal immigrants stream in!

A Britain First team visited Dover harbour once again and filmed another distressing report as illegal immigrants were ferried in by our hopeless border force.

VIDEO: Ashlea Simon's speech from the indoor rally

Britain First dynamo Ashlea Simon gave an uplifting speech on Saturday at the first indoor meeting in over a year.

FINAL PHOTOS: Britain First indoor rally

The Britain First indoor rally last Saturday was a great success. 

VIDEO: Paul Golding's passionate speech at the indoor rally!

At the recent indoor rally, held in Coventry, party leader Paul Golding gave a rousing speech to patriots from across the country.

NEW PHOTOS: Britain First indoor rally

HQ is pleased to publish a new batch of photos from our successful indoor rally held on Saturday in the midlands.

VIDEO: Britain First, taking our country back!

Britain First is a grassroots, people-powered patriot movement and political party.

VIDEO: The adventures of the Britain First battle bus in Solihull!

A team of Midlands activists, led by Regional organiser Timothy Burton, took the Britain First battle bus to the town of Solihull recently.

VIDEO: Britain First watches on as Dover harbour is inundated with illegal immigrants!

A small team of Britain First activists visited Dover harbour to report on illegal immigrant crossings and what they found was horrific.

VIDEO: Britain First spreads awareness of grooming gangs in Derby!

Derby is a hotspot of grooming gangs and several high profile prosecutions have plagued the town.

VIDEO: Britain First takes action against grooming gangs in Preston!

The city of Preston in the North West is another town beset with grooming gangs.

VIDEO: Britain First takes action against grooming gangs in Burton-Upon-Trent!

Grooming gangs are a scourge on many towns and cities across the UK, including the English town of Burton-Upon-Trent.

VIDEO: Britain First confronts Derby police over grooming gang failures!

A team of Midlands activists headed for the grooming hotspot of Derby to raise awareness about the problem.

VIDEO: Britain first is the true working class party

The modern Labour Party is a club for treacherous, middle class, left-wing, millionaire, champagne socialists.

VIDEO: Britain First holds day of action in Folkestone to warn of illegal immigration!

The Britain First battle bus and a team of South East activists hit the seaside town of Folkestone to warn about the danger of illegal immigration.